Mercerizing process

We are one of the Leading Suppliers of Mercerized and dyed Yarns in EGYPT

What is mercerizing yarns ?

Mercerizing yarns is the process of treatment of cotton yarns with cold caustic under specific conditions to improve its appearance and physical

Purpose of mercerizing yarns :-

  • 1- To improve the lustrous
  • 2- To improve the strength
  • 3- To improve the dye uptake and moisture regain
  • 4- To make the yarns resistant to mildew and reduces lint
  • 5- To make the yarns not shrink or lose its shape as much as regular cotton

Our Company can offer 100% Egyptian cotton Mercerized yarns by co-operation with the finest Egyptian spinning mills to product the required specifications of our customers, as we can provide

  • - ( carded , combed or compact )
  • - ( knitting, weaving or sewing threads )
  • - (Gassed or Non- Gassed )
  • - ( raw , off-white , Optical Bleached or dyed )

We can cover all our customers' needs from different count of yarns as we can product yarns from NE 8/2 till NE 120/2

The mercerizing involves these three subsequent steps :-

  • 1- Impregnation of the cotton yarns in relaxed state ,cold caustic solution of required strength and wettability
  • 2- Stretching while the cotton yarn is still impregnated in the caustic solution
  • 3- Washing off the caustic soda from the yarns while keeping the yarns in the stretch state