Sewing Threads

(100 % Egyptian cotton threads )                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

ELSHEHAB MERDYE COMPANY have pleasure to provide the sewing threads which made from 100% Egyptian cotton (Giza 86 / Giza 88 ) with high quality and appealing shades which can be mercerized or non mercerized

The mercerized threads are derived by doubling and spinning of the threads those are spinned from 100% cotton fibers and mercerized.

Very specific finishing lubricants are applied over them. Due to their staple fiber structures, they are less affected from needle heat and show a stable structure at high temperatures.

Despite the fact that their strength and abrasion resistance is somewhat lower relative to synthetic threads, they show a good sewing performance. Through their bright appearance and thread structures, they provide fine, smooth and decorative sewing appearance. They are preferred especially for the stitches

Our 100 % Mercerized Cotton Thread is strong and smooth with a beautiful lustrous finish, which is a result of the Mercerizing process. This process, by giving the thread a smooth finish, also decreases tangles and knots, creates a resistance to mildew, and the extra strength provides fewer breaks in this high-quality thread. This 100% Mercerized Cotton Thread, manufactured by 100% Egyptian cotton very long stable and high quality is ideal for hand or machine sewing, can be used on most fabrics for all tailoring needs or repairs, is shrink-resistant, and easy to dye                                                                                                                                                              

We can offer these threads in different ways according to our customer's needs as we can offer :-

According to the weight of the cones :-
  • Cone's weight 1000 gram
  • Cone's weight 750 gram
  • Cone's weight 500 gram
  • Cone's weight 250 gram
  • Or any other weight
According to the length of the cones :-
  • 5000 yards or meter
  • 3000 yards or meter
  • 2000 yards or meter
  • Or any other lengths